Unable to connect my iPhone to Katalon Object Spy or run a Test Case

I’ve struggling to connect my iPhone to Katalon either to run an object spy on a mobile app or to run a test case on it.

Katalon Version: 9.6
iOS Version: 17.5.1
Model Name: iPhone 14 Pro
Mac device: Macbook Pro Intel running Sonoma 14.5

I do have WebDriverAgent built from XCode 15.4 on my iPhone. I am able to connect to my device via Appium Inspector in order to view the device and inspect elements in my app.

I have been able to connect this past week but not in the past few days. Unfortunately, I’m not able to connect to my iPhone from Katalon anymore. To clarify, Katalon can see my device under the Device Name drop down, but I cannot run a successful session to it either for a Object Sky session or a Test Case execution.

I’ve tried restarting my Mac and my iPhone, but still doesn’t work. I’ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling earlier version of Katalon to no avail.

Please advise as I’m running out of ideas to try to resolve and get back to automation.

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Hi @crisf,

Thank you for sharing your issue. Can you please help share your Mac & phone version, Katalon version, …? If it is not the latest, I suggest that you should upgrade them.

I believe that I included that in my original post. Any other pointers?

Hi there Cris, :wave:

Our Product Support team has an article which we believe may be helpful to you below:

If you still run into issues after following the guide in the article above, then please feel free to share your question in the thread below: