Problems with Real device ios testing


Good day, dear support
I am Pavel, tester
I’m having problems with connecting an iPhone. I completely followed the instructions at, where I had problems. All of our team are trying to solve it for about 1 month, but the result did not console us.

When connecting the emulator, the catalon could not open the downloaded .ipa file

Moreover when connecting physical device, in folder (Device name) it’s named as . After starting application, i got a ‘Mobile device is missing’



I would be really pleased if you help me, because the Katalon is an ideal instrument for testing (sadly for android right now)


We tryed to use iPhone 5 with iOS 10
iPhone 6 plus with iOS 12
and iPhone X with iOS 13


Please follow the below steps to resolve your device showing issue.

If ur connected device is not listing or recognised by Katalon Studio Please follow the below steps

brew uninstall --ignore-dependencies libimobiledevice

brew uninstall --ignore-dependencies usbmuxd

brew install --HEAD usbmuxd

brew unlink usbmuxd

brew link usbmuxd

brew install --HEAD libimobiledevice

Please look mine last post you will get more information from below link.

Unable to create a new remote session with iOS

thanks, i got my phone cobbected in the list of devices
trying to solve the problem