Unable to click on object - incorrect .rs

Hello Team,

Not sure if you are already aware of it, but in some cases, the .rs object file is automatically modified and displays extra characters.
Do you know why?

Here is an example:
The other day I have created an object and used it in a test case (which worked as expected), today I opened Katalon but when I try to run my test case an error is generated indicating “Reason:
com.kms.katalon.core.exception.StepFailedException: Unable to click on object at…”.
I’m not able to find the object in the Object Repository, and when I open the file that contains it and goes to the last line, I can see some extra characters that I did not put:


I have found this error several times, I can make it work after removing these extra characters.

Thank you,
Fransa J.

Where did your project come from? Was it residing on disk the whole time? Was it checked in/out of Git? Was it copied between different systems?

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