Object present in folder structure is not reflected in katalon studio - object repository

I cloned a project from GIT repo and some of the objects which are present in the folder structure of the cloned project are not getting reflected in the Katalon Studio Object repository and My tests are failing stating that Object we used in the script is ‘null’

Try these…

If that fails,

  1. Close Katalon, uncheck “Auto restore…”
  2. Open Katalon
  3. Open your project
  4. Refresh again (if needed)

If that fails, close Katalon, delete these four highlighted items in your project folder, then reopen Katalon:


If that doesn’t work, go to amazon.com and purchase one of these. Full instructions are provided on the packaging:


you can open also both .rs files (the highlighted one and the one bellow) and check if they have different name tag.
if it is same … bad luck, how the GUI should distinguish between them, even if are two different physical files?


LE: make sure also the Guid is different …

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I observed that the file is having some “<<<<<<<<< HEAD” tag and “=========” added.
This happens only for the non-reflecting objects.
Thought, this might help you in debugging the issue.

That looks like a merge conflict in Git. You need to decide which of the two <value> elements you want to keep and remove the <<<<, ===== and >>>>.