Unable to capture objects using Object Spy for Chrome and Firefox


I am unable to capture objects on Chrome and Firefox using Object Spy.

What happens is that when we launch the Object Spy, we are able to launch the browser with the URL. However when we click on Alt + ~ to capture the object, the browser closes. This is happening on the latest version 5.5.0. I have tried replacing the Chrome and Firefox selenium drivers as mentioned in the link https://docs.katalon.com/display/KD/Update+or+Replace+Web+Browser+Drivers+and+Selenium . I have also restarted and reinstalled the application.

Kindly help us ASAP as we are in the process of finalizing Katalon Studio as the automation tool for our organization.


In the Windows > Katalon Studio Preferences > Katalon > Object Spy,
change the Hotkey setting from your current setting to Alt+a or Alt+,

Atl+` and Alt+~ does not work if you are using NON-US Keybord such as Frensh or JIS Keybord.
I have ever explained the reason of this confusion at

Hi all,

“Alt + ~” did work with Katalon 5.4.2 but it did not work when upgrading to 5.5.0.

It also stuck our automation. Please help fix it ASAP.


Anh Pham

@4280-kazurayam I use Alt + S while recording objects on Object Spy. My concern is that the browser crashes when I capture a test object. The captured objects reflects on the Object Spy panel.

The screenshot here shows the object spy window after the browser crashed. As seen I was able to capture until an object after which the browser crashed. What’s the solution for this?

@Vinh Nguyen Could you help me in this??




I would suspect it is a bug of Katalon Studio. Which version of Katalon Studio do you use?

@4280-kazurayam 5.5.0 the latest version

Hi all

You can get the Katalon installer 4.5.2 with https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qZXPyoWs1W7sRnEOOLNr1QWsAUA-1VZo

Object spy is working fine with this one.

Anh Pham

Use following solution:
Go to Katalon preferences
click on Object Spy
unchecked the check box-" pin object spy…"
In capture Object text box- Directly use (Perform action -don’t write) Ctrl c or any shortcut which you want to use