Unable to activate free version of 7.1.2 in Windows 7

Hi, one of my team members is not able to activate the free version with his user credentials. He’s using Windows 7, no proxy, and cannot grab the logs since the tool closes after he closes the activation window.

Once the Activation screen appears, the Server URL, Email and Password is added and “Activate” is clicked, he receives an “Unauthorized” error.

He’s also getting this prompt for an extra set of credentials

Anyone know of a fix that can help?

Hi @tonya.wright

Are you currently behind a proxy. If so please try to configure proxy using Manual Configuration.

I am also under Windows 7 and I had no problem for activation. Have-you double-checked your login/password against the katalon.com website ?

I’m not sure but the first screenshot is from Katalon Studio while the second is showing Katalon TestOps. Is that ok ? Do they point to the same credential ?
I am not using TestOps.