Tutorials are grayed out, Quickstart page is completely blank

Mhm …
Ok, let’s see the history of this topic.
The initial complain was about the quick-start page not showing any content, and some other found during the discussions…
During the topic we broght also into this the 'greyed out link issue, which, as the OP noticed, gets activated only when a certain project is opened (and this behave the same as previous) e.g:

I cannot confirm if the main issue was fixed or not (content not displayed), since:

  • It was reported for MacOS and I don’t own such device
  • I am not in mood to play again with the webkit libs on my machine to confirm it was fixed or not for Linux

Therefore, kindly:

@Elly_Tran please provide more details about what has been actually fixed

@Oliver_Gramberg please provide more context into what it is working and what not on MacOS

I originally reported this for v8:

  • v8 has a menu item, Help > Quickstart guide, that opens a tab that used to show tutorials but is empty in newer sub-versions.
  • v8 has menu items, under Help > Tutorial, that are greyed out when no project has been loaded.

I received a notice claiming that things got fixed in v9 but I find this:

  • v9 does not have the Quickstart menu item any more. So yes, problem solved - by completely removing the affected functionality.
  • v9 has menu items, under Help > Tutorial, that are greyed out when no project has been loaded. So no, problem not solved.

got it.
about the greyed out items, i noticed same, even with the latest release.
i think may have somerhing to do with the tab/window where the tutorials are shown.
did an experiment, for fun:

  • created a new project so the tutorial links get active
  • clicked a random tutorial, the window is open
  • closed the active project, the tutorial window also disappear

so, there is a certain conection between the tutorials and having an active project.
I cannot say i understand what may be the logic behind such behaviour, but seems to be implemented on purpose

@Elly_Tran it’s your call


I will check with my team again and let you know soon