[Tutorial] Debug your platform plugin using Eclipse IDE

Debug your platform plugin using Eclipse IDE

As the previous tutorial, we have announced how to create platform plugins for Katalon Studio.

This tutorial will illustrate how to debug a platform plugin using Eclipse IDE via Java Remote Debugging feature.


  1. Java SDK 1.8

  2. Maven 3.3+

  3. Katalon Studio v6.1.0 or later

  4. Eclipse IDE (We used Eclipse 4.11 in this article)

Step 1: Start Katalon Studio with remote debugger mode

Start katalon via commandline using this command:

<katalon_installed_folder>/katalon -vmargs -Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=8000

The <katalon_installed_folder> is the absolute path to Katalon installed folder.

If you are using macOS, the <katalon_installed_folder> should be /Applications/Katalon Studio.app/Contents/MacOS.

The address=8000 is a local port number, JVM will allow a debugger to attach to Katalon Studio via this port. You can change to another port if needed.

Step 2: Import your platform plugin to Eclipse IDE as a Maven project

In this example, we will use the last tutorial project: katalon-studio-sample-plugin to debug.


Step 3: Set a breakpoint

Open a Java file and set a breakpoint in the code. In this example, we set the breakpoint in the line of class MyPluginActivationListener:

System.out.println("Hello, my plugin is: " + plugin.getPluginId());


Step 4: Create a Java Remote Application Debugger

Click on the arrow dropdown of Eclipse debug icon debug, choose Debug Configuration item.


Right-click on the Java Remote Application and choose New Configuration to add new Remote Debugger


Step 5: Configure the Java Remote Application Debugger

Browse to your platform plugin project at the text field under Project section.

Enter the port number you declared at step 1 to the Port: text field under Connection Properties section.

Click Debug to finish setup.


If your setup is correct, there is a disconect icon will show on Eclipse toolbar.

Step 6: Import plugin to Katalon Studio and start debugging

Import your plugin and do your expected actions to make the breakpoint you placed at step 2 will be hit.

In this sample, the breakpoint will hit immediately after the plugin succesfiully installed.


Great, you now can debug your platform plugin project as a normal Java project.

Step 7: Disconnect and stop debugging

Press the disconect icon to disconnect and stop your debugging session.