Trouble registering for a Katalon account

Unable to register because it is always displayed in loading during registration

Hi @2560279527,

Welcome to Katalon Community! Could you provide us with more information below so that we could help you better?

  • A screenshot/video recording of the steps you took when registering your account
  • Your OS and its version
  • Which browser you were using & any extension that you may have
  • Whether you had any firewall rules running on your machine

Thanks! :+1:

Hi, I couldn’t see your screenshots as it only show as “Uploading: …”. Could you reupload your screenshot again, and this time wait for the image to be fully loaded in the preview pane before clicking reply? Thanks

after clicking Register, it will always show loading

Hi @2560279527, thanks for attaching the screenshot. Can you let me know which email address you used to register for your Katalon account? I’ll check with my internal team to see if it shows up in our system.


Hi @2560279527,

Thanks for your patience. After checking in with our internal team, we found that the problem was due to your current IP address which seems to be in Beijing, China, inferered with our CAPTCHA verification, hence the constant loading you experienced.

The most plausible solution right now is for you to use a VPN and set its location to somewhere outside of China e.g. United States, Vietnam, etc. and try registering again with a different domain e.g. ‘@gmail’ or ‘@outlook’.

Please let us know if you still encounter problems doing so. Thanks :+1: