Cannot subscribe anymore to Katalon

Yesterday a colleague tried to create an account in order to work with Katalon.

The signup is waiting over over !

Tried today: same.


That’s weird. I just registered a new account and everything works fine !
Can you tell your colleague to try on another machine to see if it works ?

As all our machines are behind proxies, yesterday we test on Chrome Android on the mobile network and I tried now and still waiting over and over.

If you work inside the Katalon compagny I suggest you do your test with a network from outside

Hi @christophe.bouillaud

I used my home network and I registered a new account successfully. We will investigate this and get back to your asap.

Regards !

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@ ThanhTo Ok, we found.

It doesn’t work for his email: but it worked for a colleague in the same domain.

I think his registration is corrupted on your side, maybe delete it and he can start fresh.

Thank you.

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