The katalon account cannot be activated

The katalon account cannot be activated

Hi @532084850, could you help share some more information to help us understand the root problem? [TIP] How To Help Us Help You!. A screenshot/image/video could be a great help. Thanks

The picture can’t be uploaded all the time. The problem is that the activation email can’t be received after registration, and the user logs in to the local katalon workbench and prompts that the account is blocked

The upload picture prompt system is blocked…

I can be able to see the picture. Could you help follow this doc This account has been blocked | Katalon Docs for the reproducing steps? Please let me know if this works.

This method is invalid, unable to receive verification mail

Is there a solution?

Hi there, I reached out to you 6 days ago to provide the information. For larger audience, we are receiving a big number of requests from domain which results in abusing our server. Therefore we would recommend you using other email address with different domain to avoid such inconvenience. Thank you. Hope this helps!