Trial license extension

I am looking to get my trial licenses extended as I need to complete Professional and expert level certificaitons. Could anyone help?


Hi there @comeupwithbalaji,

One of the way you can extend your trial licenses without having to buy one is to spend more time on our forum engaging with other members and support them with their questions. Stick around on our homepage to see which new topic pop ups, and if you know the answer, simply answer it.

By doing so, you will accumulate Kudos point, which will enable you to exchange for gifts from us, some of which are Katalon Platform or Katalon TestCloud licenses from 3-6 months.

You can find more information in the topic below :point_down:

Please note, however, that any attempt to gain Kudos while contributing little to our forum i.e. making nonsensical comment, copy & pasting comments from others, inviting clone accounts of your own, etc. will result in your account being suspended from our forum due to it going against our Community Guideline.

We hope you will enjoy your time here on our forum! :sunglasses: