Transfer KSE Node-Lock License from Tower to Virtual

A few questions in regard to KSE and Virtual Machines:

  1. Are there any known issues with running KSE on a Virtual Win10 Machine using Chrome (Latest)?

  2. Is the process of transferring a KSE Node-Locked License to a Virtual Machine as simple as de-activating the license on the existing tower machine (Via the process stated in below-stated link), installing Katalon Studio on the virtual machine, and then using the interface to apply the now free Node-Locked License?

My organization currently has 3 Katalon Studio Enterprise (Node-locked) licenses with expiration date September 2022.

These 3 licenses are currently in use on 3 tower Win10 Desktop PCs and are actively in use for automation. We’re very pleased with Katalon and results of the automation.

We’d like to convert 1 of these towers to a virtual Win10 machine for the sake of maintainability and storage capacity.

The net desired result on our end would be continuing to use the 3 node-locked licenses, but with 1 of the licenses going to a virtual machine, the other 2 continuing to go to the tower PC’s.

If it works out well, we’d then consider converting the remaining 2 towers to virtual and transferring their node-locked licenses to virtual machines via the same process.