TOTP Generator Keywords

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I am not able to see this particular plugin in my Katalon Studio plugin
To check I installed Basic Report plugin and post installation went to Katalon studio and did Reload Plugins, I was able to see in the popup window but the “TOTP Generator Keywords” is never displayed.

I have cleared my API keys and generated the API and also reinstalled the plugin and did the Reload Plugins but I was not able to see it in the list.

Could you please help me

it was fixed in this topic: Unable to install some of plugins from Katalon Store

It was caused by KS Version value.

I have downloaded the latest version just few days ago, seems like the KS version value has been fixed.

However, after installing the plugin, when i go to refresh plugin, I can see that TOTP Generator is there, but when I try to use this plugin in the code, seems like it is not registering the command TOTP. Its like the plugin is not there. Error mesage shows when i try to use TOTP “Groovy:unable to resolve class Totp”.

Any help would be much appreciated thanks.

I have an issue with the generated code. Its different from the authenticator. I input the same secret/recovery code. The code generated by the TOTP Generator is not accepted on the website I’m trying to login. Please help me. See screenshot