To validate the login success and invalid credential using data set

My test Case is:
1. Open URL
2. Login in with Username and password given in data file
3. if application dashboard is there
4. login is succsessful
5. else if Invalid Username text is visible
6. write “Invalid Username”
7. else if Invalid Passwordtext is visible
8. write “Invalid Password”

Can anyone help in this. I am very new to Katalon Studio.

Search for datadriven testing in katalon documentation for second step.
You can also use if statements but i would recommend you to :
1. Set wrong credentials
2. Submit
3. Verify alerts or verify text (Incase you want html validation) _Give that CONTINUEONFAILURE by rightclicking the test step and “Change failure handling” to “Continue on failure”
The result should be that Katalon’s gonna write wrong credentials into form -> check if there were any alerts and mark test as successfull

_Hope this is what you wanted and helps you

How can I make shure that the dashboard has loaded after the login?

I wants to automation a booking site where I click on Booking button and it will redirect me to login page, I need to login there then it will continue to Booking page. But in my case after clicking on login button it redirect me to search page also I noticed that I have not been login into the site.
All my test cases have passed still I am not able to redirect to Booking continue page.

I am quite new in automation. Please help as early as possible as I have been stuck in the middle of the project.

is anybody face the same problem? Please help urgently.