Can we get a timer embedded in Katalon? Like if I want my Test Case to run every 10 minutes, or every 2 days, could we possibly make that happen?

As always, thank you all for everything that you do! You’ve helped make my life easier at my job for sure.



Thank you for using our product. Just to clarify - are you using Katalon Recorder or Katalon Studio? Katalon Studio supports command line mode so that you can set up a cron job using e.g. Jenkins or OS’ scheduler. The command line mode support for Katalon Recorder is currently being developed.

Hello Alex,

Thank you, I didn’t know that the Studio version had this setting. At this point, I’ve done a lot of work to get my Test Cases perfect for Katalon Recorder.

Is there any way that I can export these cases, and translate them into the Studio version and start working from Katalon Studio solely?