Import test from Katalon Studio


I want to record a test skeleton, add a for loop and load it in Katalon Recorder. So I:

- recorded a test in Recorder

- loaded it in Studio

- modified it with a for loop

Now I need to export it again so I can load it in Katalon Recorder.

Can someone give me a pointer?


According to this post, it is not possible at the moment

However, it is possible to simulate for loops in Recorder using the while...endWhile commands

Command   | Target              | Value      |
storeEval | 5                   | max        |
storeEval | 0                   | counter    |
while     | ${counter} < ${max} |            |
echo      |                     | ${counter} |
storeEval | ${counter}  + 1     | counter    |
endWhile  |                     |            |
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Nothing to add :slight_smile: to @Mark_Gibson answer. While command (and “if” command as well) are pretty powerful. I just can’t imagine my testcase’s without them anymore.