How do I run a script that has been recorded using the Chrome Katalon Automation Recorder at a time


Hello. Complete n00b here. I want to use Katalon for very simple web automation rather than extensive testing.

I have several scripts that I have recorded using the Katalon Chrome plug in. I now want to run these at specific times on specific days of the week.

Please can somebody advise how this can be done.



You can execute Katalon in console mode to run Test Suites ( And you should be able to execute that in any cron table (or similar). This will vary depending on what OS you’re using.

Note that if you haven’t already, you’ll need to put your test cases in one or more Test Suite. (

Hope this helps!


Thank you for your reply. I have been recording scripts using the Chrome plug in. However I don’t see how to run those scripts in the command line. Actually I cannot even see where those scripts (cases and suites) have been stored on my PC.

Do I have to export them first? If so how? Do I have to load them into Katalon Studio?

Again, sorry if these are dumb questions but I have tried reading the documentation - honest.


From Katalon Studio release 5.3.1, there is an option to import scripted recorded by Automation Recorder into Katalon Studio, where you can update/execute the script.


That is very nice!
But how do you do that?
Some simple step by step instructions would be nice.