Tests are now false-passing with a broken step

Thank you! I am really appreciating the help! I have been concerned this new behavior will require changes in all of my tests individually. :sweat_smile:
@Russ_Thomas @ThanhTo I am looking forward to hearing about the resolution to this as I am seeing this in more tests but if there is anything else I can provide please let me know.

Hey Thanh
I am seeing most of my test’s continue to run steps and pass them when the objects in the steps have yet to make it to the page. When running my test suite I am seeing test’s provide a false pass however, when watching the test run I am seeing it fail but shows otherwise in the log viewer. This behavior is new for me and I believe started after the update. I am wondering if you have seen other cases or if there are any updates or solutions?

Hi @RyanS550

We’re still currently looking into this issue. I will keep you up to date. Thanks !

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This is very much appreciated! I am excited, looking forward to your results! :smile:

Thank you @ThanhTo!!! :+1:

Hi all,

Just want you to know that I added an issue on Github:

Thank you all for reporting !

Hey Thanh, I am curious if anything new has been found with this issue? I am still seeing it from time to time in my testing and was wondering if there will be a new release soon I may download? When opening the links in Github One seems to be blocked by my firewall and the other is referring to an issue of interaction with dropdowns? I feel like I am missing something, is this issue still being worked on?

Hi @RyanS550

Yes, but since it’s rather complicated, we are still investigating the issue. I’ll let you know if there’s a fix available.

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Ok sounds good to me! I believe this issue is now heavily impacting my testing so I will be ready and awaiting! Thank you very much Thanh I appreciate this!

Hi guys

This bug fix is included in Katalon Studio version 7.2.5 which can be downloaded here.