TestOps Tests Management - Tests filter

Describe the problem you have.
Unable to filter Tests table where Maintainer value does not exist.
I want to filter “where Maintainer is null/empty” so I can assign a maintainer.

Describe the feature you’d like or how the current features need to be updated.
I request a filter so that I can update tests that do not have a maintainer assigned. I have to scroll through the list now and it would be easier to offer a filter option for “None” or “Unassigned” for the coumn “Maintainer”.

It would be beneficial to have similar “None/Empty/Null” options for the other columns.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us on how this feature can be implemented.
Add an option to the dropdown for “None” or “Blank” like Excel does for filtering data.

Another option is to sort by column heading. If I had the option to click the column heading “Maintainer” then the list would autosort with the unassigned (empty) at the top of the list. Auto-sort for each column heading would also add value.

Finally, please answer this question:

How would your work be affected if this issue has not been resolved?

  1. It doesn’t affect much, but I believe Katalon team should have this ticket resolved
    No downtime incurred but efficiency would be greatly improved.