Check that data in a table are correctly displayed after filtering


I would like to check with Katalon Recorder that the filters done on a column from a table are correctly applied.

For each column of the table there is a filter in the header (either a drop-don list with the list of values available) or a input text for filling the text expected. I don’t know how to proceed for checking if the filter is applied and that only data filtered are displayed.

Could you help me please with that ?

i used 2 approaches:

  1. quick&dirty - get 1st value of column with filter under observation -> change filter/ordering -> get 1st value again -> assert 1st pick and 2nd pick should not be same (lot of disadvantages - possibility of false positive, etc.)
  2. cleaner, need prep. prepare data in a way that when filter/ordering is applied you know what value will be in 1st cell of observed column then use approach 1.

1st approach will check only that filter was applied but have huge weakness - with just few data you can get false positive. also you will not be able to check if filter fn() is working properly (eg. non-asci chars etc.)
2nd approach is better but you must be sure that you have data you expect. False positives can occur too if you are not careful and there are inappropriate leftovers from previous tests.

@Andrej_Podhajsky Thanks for your help. But in practice do you know which commands are the best in order to do that ?