TestOps - Katalon studio fetches old organization details

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Steps to Reproduce:

  1. I signed into Analytics.Katalon.com using my valid credentials that I gave in Katalon Studio for integration during first time setup
  2. I noticed that organization and structure I had created is not appropriate. So, I deleted few of the projects and Organization and created new organization and projects.
    3.Now, If I go to TestOps of Katalon studio under project settings, I see that old organization is visible. I cannot even make a change. Also, Projects I deleted are still visible there and there is error message below it, “You do not have permissions to access this project.”
  3. If I click, ‘Fetch projects’, I get error message: “You currently have no teams to work on. Please contact your admin to invite you. if you are admin then create your own team here.”
  4. If I click ‘Here’ then, I reach out to ‘403 - Forbidden page’. You dont have permissions.

I do not know what is going on. I request all of you to help me at the earliest so that I can fix this error and fly for my vacations to see my grand father.

Expected behavior:

I should be seeing my new organization details.


@Beo Please help on this one.

I’m taking a look now @rtiwari.

I’ve sent you a private message. Please take a look and give me some information.

Hi @rtiwari

Have you tried to deactivate your Katalon Studio and reactivate it ?