Katalon TestOps - How/Who can change to correct Organization

When we use Katalon TestOps we are trying to assign or change the authentication under the following:

  1. Go to Katalon Studio
  2. Click on Project
  3. Click on Setting
  4. Go to Katalon Ops
  5. We need to have the organization changed to LL Quality Assurance Automation Team because that is
    the new organization
  6. We try to change this but it is locked down and I need to change the organization so we can see the
    correct project or teams under our organization tree…
  7. This way when test are ran they can be assigned accordingly to the right team and project

Wondering if someone in the development team could please help us on this at all?? We have applied RE licenses already. Just need to see if someone can allow us or provide a change to our correct organization name under the authentication? It appears that it should be functioning like a drop down but it is grayed out and not available for us to manage appropriately. Thank you in advance if anyone is available? .

Hi @QATeam,

You can change organization by reactivating. Please click on the icon on top right corner > Deactivate > Activate again. Then it will let you select your organization.

anhqle -

We just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for the clarification and instruction. We had viewed the deactivate but we did not want to do this until we got further clarification in which you provided. Thank you again for your support that we can count on!!!

QA Team

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