TestOps is not emailing HTML reports when a Test Suite completes

  • Katalon Studio Version: 8.3.0 (KSE)
  • OS Version: Windows 10
  • Browser Version: Chrome v100

On my local desktop version of KSE, I’m able to execute a Test Suite or Test Collection, and upon completion it will email a Summary as well as the HTML report to whoever I add into Mail Recipients. This is the intended result.

I can tell the Test Suite completed successfully on TestOps. Here’s a SS of Test Runs, where the ones named “Test 1” have been executed through TestOps, and the ones named “Basic Test Suite” were run on my local machine and the report uploaded to TestOps.

On my local machine, right after the Test Suite completes it starts generating reports. The very next activity is that it attempts to email recipients. In the example above I put “me@mycompany.com” to illustrate.

However when the Test Execution completes on TestOps, it never attempts to send an email to my intended stakeholders. I read through the log files for the Execution and saw line by line where it generates and uploads reports successfully to TestOps. Additionally I can see all the reports (pdf, HTML, log files) on TestOps for this Execution, it just never attempted to email them to us.

Any help would be appreciated. Because our team works across multiple timezones, it’s important that results are delivered to each of my team members individually and upon the time of completion.

And forgive me, I’m still getting used to Katalon’s terminology. The test Execution I’m concerned about is running on TestCloud technically. There are a lot of terms that all start with “Test” which can be confusing.

@ThanhTo TestCloud issue?

For some reason this was successful after today’s (overnight) run on TestCloud. I tried running a Test Collection and it built on Linux x64, but otherwise all the same parameters as the Test Suite I was dummying around with previously.