[TestOps] How to move Projects from one Org Into Another Org / consolidate two Orgs into one?

My company have two Katalon organization created in the past, and i am the organization administrator for both Katalon organization.
May i know if it is possible to consolidate those two organization into just one? how to move projects from one organization to another?

The reason is that the KSE and KRE license for one of the organization is way underutilized, while the other organization still have available license. and both organization having different renewal date.

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Hello Tristan,

It appears that you are one of our paid customers. In that case, we recommend you to create a ticket on our Support Portal below as many of our Product Support team members are more active there :point_down:


Just in case, we will also be looping our Product Support team in this topic so they are aware of your inquiry (@product-support).

Albert from Katalon Community team

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noted, thanks

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Thanks, should you have no more questions then we will proceed to close this topic up.


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