TestOps agent run with headless browser mode returned failure case

getting error while running a scheduled test run using testops- in headless browser mode (chrome)


Git has a limit of 4096 characters for a filename, except on Windows when Git is compiled with msys. It uses an older version of the Windows API and there’s a limit of 260 characters for a filename.

If you encounter the error message “filename too long” while cloning a Git repository, it usually means that the file path of one or more files in the repository exceeds the maximum allowed length on your operating system.

To resolve this issue, you can refer to the following articles:

By using these techniques, you should be able to overcome the “filename too long” error while cloning a Git repository. Remember to adjust the steps according to your specific use case and repository structure.

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Thanks for detailed response

Great to hear so. Please try and let us know if it is the solution. :clap:t2: :hugs:

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Same error is occuring after adding the key suggested in config file of git project which is aleary cloned
“longpaths = true”
After adding the key, executed Rerun or started new run