Error Message when saving

I have been try to evaluate your product but run into so many problem.
Please tell what is this error and how to fix it.

By the sounds of it, you’ve exceeded the MAX_PATH setting on Windows (260 chars - hence the de facto /255 you’re seeing in the error message).

It’s probably a good idea to move your project to a path “higher” in the overall structure which will give you more “room” to create meaningful Test Case IDs (which themselves contribute to the path’s overall length).


c:\imagine\this\is\a\very\long\path\which\will\get\you\into\trouble\pretty\quickly\my_katalon_project\Scripts\pages\home_page_tests\Test Case Test The Login Dialog\Script1234567890.groovy

Moving my_katalon_project folder “up” nearer the root …

c:\katalon_projects\my_katalon_project\Scripts\pages\home_page_tests\Test Case Test The Login Dialog\Script1234567890.groovy

p.s. This is not a bug, so I’ll move it to General Discussions.