What is causing the read file path to be too long?!

I just got a new machine, and just got everything set up, including Katalon Studio and my GitHub repository.

I am working on consolidating these test cases, and giving the Test Objects a more human-readable xpath.

I started on one that is located by:

  • Page_Create Member Lead - Zoho CRM
    • Member Lead Information Section
      • Payment Frequency dropdown
        • Payment Frequency dropdown button

I make the changes, and then, when I go to save it, I get that FilePathTooLongException…

264 > 255 characters?! :astonished:

That is bizarre, given that, when I check the length of the path string with JavaScript, I only get 169 characters length, even if I include parent folders Zoho Katalon Project and Object Repository

"Zoho Katalon Project/Object Repository/Page_Create Member Lead - Zoho CRM/Member Lead Information section/Payment Frequency dropdown/Payment Frequency dropdown button.rs".length

returns 169

How is the Katalon environment determining path length!?

I found my answer:

when I insert in the parent path parts to make this an absolute path (starting with the drive root path), I get 264 characters.

Katalon environment uses absolute paths to handle the Test Objects (and maybe any other files).

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Thank you @mwarren04011990 for sharing this with our community!!!