Testing response time


I am trying to make a request where it returns very big data. When I make a request and it gives me an response it needs around 7-8 seconds to finish that. But from swagger when I try to make same request as I did from katalon studio it needs 1 to 2 minutes to give me the data. Also JMeter gives me same result as Katalon.

Can you help me understanding, why I get response from swagger so slow and from Katalon so fast? I think the problem is in showing the big information ? In Katalon Studio when I try to log the whole data what it should return, it doesn’t log fully, and it goes on an error that array should not be so big.

I can provide everything what is needed.

I don’t know if this will help…

Is there a public dataset/endpoint available that you can run some tests against? If you get similar results using that, then you can be (pretty much) assured, swagger is a snail.

Oh, I don’t think that I can find a public dataset/endpoint with such a big data what I try to receive. I think that problem is in loading, I mean that when I send a request it has no problem to give me the response, but it stucks when it is trying to show such a big data on the page. I also had a problem in Katalon Studio, when I tried to send a request from object repository and was waiting to show me the data, it was working but went to not responding.
Could it be the reason of such a big loading time ? I know, I didn’t provided anything that you could understand it more clearly.

Perhaps. Are we talking about rendering the results on the page (i.e. in a web browser)?

That’s okay (in this instance). I don’t do this kind of testing, but if you stick to “general points” then I can certainly talk “in general” about it.

What is the physical size (in bytes) of the payload?

Which browser?

Are we talking about rendering the results on the page (i.e. in a web browser)?

Yes, I’m using Google Chrome, I have open swagger and am trying to execute the request and after that it should give me a data on the page.

What is the physical size (in bytes) of the payload?

If it wont be a problem, I can tell it later, I’m away from my computer. And I also can share every data from JMeter, bytes, load time, latency etc.

Here is what I would do (just to get more information and be better informed as to where the problem might lie).

Using swagger: In Chrome, open the tools (F12). Bring up the network tab and watch the request. Compare the time instant when the request is completed and the page is displayed. Then compare how the other tools behave.

Not sure you’ll get amazing answers, but you may get better information as I said.

After 2 minutes, page dies :smiley:

What is the physical size (in bytes) of the payload?

Here is the information, size in bytes, connect time, latency and also sample time.

I think you can use Fiddler to capture the real response time.

Can I see the what time did it take to get the data in Fiddler ?

Fiddler shows you only where did it go and just gets the data, but it does not describe the time.

EDIT: Well, I have tried Fiddler too, but it shows same as Katalon and JMeter. It does not show in how much time did data loaded on the swagger page. :frowning:
Thanks for you attention !