Bad performance in API POST requests

Hi guys,

   I'm doing a POC in Katalon to determine if we can use the tool for test automation. As per my initial testings, you provide outstanding functionality compare to SOAPUI or Postman.

   But, I'm having performance issues while executing a simple API POST request (also for GET requests).

   The time spent by request is taken longer than the elapsed time shown in the response panel. For instance a request is taken 10s and in the panel is shown 14ms (which is approx the expected execution time). Executing same request in Postman is taken approx 14ms (both are executed locally against a local app).

   So, could be an issue in the refresh of the response panel? I'm having same behavior when I run the request as part of a test case and in the test suite.

  Your help is appreciated, as this is a major issue, independently the functionality you provide.