Rest API | POST request response slow


Just trying again to check if Katalon could be nice tool for API testing beside UI testing.

Can you please help with some general concern?

I am sending POST a same POST request from Katalon and Postman, and it takes about 900-1000ms in Katalon to get result, while in Postman it is around 200-300ms. I am using both on same laptop and same network towards same server.

Is there any hints for some additional Katalon settings which could improve response time?

Thank you!


A Katalon Test Case tends to run slowly because, as default, it logs every single executed test steps.

You will find an option: “Project Settings > Execution > Log executed test steps”. If you are using Katalon Studio Enterprise, you can Disable it. Then your test case will run much faster because it stops emitting verbose logs.

Quoting from Log Viewer results significantly delayed

[quote=“andre.dziekonski, post:1, topic:46485”]
Disabling logging may resolve this, but I don’t have enterprise edition in order to use this function.

You have an alternative way of decreasing Test Cases’ “Step Execution Log” messages.
Katalon Studio would not emit any verbose “Step Execution Log” messages for Keywords. I recommend you to transfer your codes in the Test Cases (Groovy scripts) into the Keywords (Groovy classes). Especially you should transform the codes which are repeatedly executed. Once you have implemented it as Groovy classes, you will replace the original codes in Test Cases with codes that invoke methods of the new Classes. Then the amount of “Step Execution Log” will become less. Less messages will make Log Viewer responsive.

Thank you both for a quick answer!