TestCase in testSuite take long time to open browser after 51th testCase

I have a test suite that contains 90 test case. from the 1st to 51 test case, there is no problem to open browser, it takes less than 4 secends.

from the 52nd test case, it takes more than 2 minutes to open browser

that’s mean i lose more than 76 minutes ( (90 - 52) * 2 = 75) for every execution of this test suite.

I’m using Katalon Version: 8.3.0 with docker

is there a solution for this problem?

need Help plz !

Please try to reduce the problem surface.

  1. Did you try making the 51st TC the first TC? What happens then?

  2. What happens when you run the suite inside Katalon Studio?

  3. What happens when you run the suite against a different browser?

The first part of getting help is to try to mitigate the issue yourself.

I have one that contains 215. Therefore, this is not a Katalon issue until you can prove categorically that it is.