Test Suite Collections don't seem to send the names of executed Test Suites to a Selenium Grid

When I send a test suite to crossbrowsertesting.com for execution on a specific device, the name of the test suite is displayed there in the “Test Results”. This makes the overview on crossbrowsertesting.com much easier if you have more than one Test Suite run regularly.

But unfortunately, this does not work for Test Collections: Here the “Test Results” only show entries with an everywhere identical naming “Unnamed Test”, so you can only orientate yourself by execution date and executing device. However, this is not sufficient if, like us, you alternately rotate several Test Suite Collections and run them on all possible devices.

So could you please consider including the name of the Test Suite that Katalon Studio sends to a Selenium Grid, even if it runs within a Test Suite Collection?

@Katalon_team: May I ask if you have registered my request, can reproduce the described problem and will remedy it?