Test Suite Report

Is it possible to print a custom message in html report ?

I think i jinxed myself :slight_smile:

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Hi All,

I’m using Profile> Global Variable to differentiate my SIT and Production environment. My Script is run on Task Scheduler daily using cmd & sending test report directly to my email.
In my Test Collection, i configure the same Test Suite to run twice, one on SIT and one on Production.
Question: i’m receiving TWO email report. Can SIT and Production, different test environment be merge into same test report in one single email report?

“Report History is only available for Katalon Studio Enterprise users.”

Paying $700 to get enterprise version to get that report folder back is definitely not a good move. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi, I need to generate some useful exports or reports to show a customer that we have fully tested their site, i.e. we need to export/report on the Test Cases that have been ran. On the test ops dashboard, there are some reports but these don’t include an option to export and don’t have the data I need.

If I go to Executions, I can select 5 test suites and export them - this is better, but I have 90+ suites and I’m not going to manually go through the pain of selecting 5 then downloading over and over again - this is not automation!

We use Katalon Studio Enterprise.

There must be some better way to bulk export the output results of tests - can someone point me in the right direction?

Hi @Greg_Vowles,

Thank you for your suggestion. Currently, we only allow users to select up to 5 test results. We will consider increasing the limit to bulk export test results. Do you have any idea about how many results you need to select to download at once?