Test Suite - Ability to open failures and errors with one click

I often run my test suites and have multiple errors and failures.
It would be great if there is a simple option (a one click solution) to open all errors and failures into the editing areas, at the corresponding failure line.

I can of course do this manually, 1 by 1, but it would be great for a single button option.

Thanks for the great software!!

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how can you do a single click and be directed to a thousand failing lines of code at the same time?

Even with the most fancy IDE … the errors are just displayed into the console and you have to click them one by one …

Opening the files with a single click would be good start - then you know what you are working with. Fails and errors could be treated differently in the UI to highlight problem areas.

If I were to have a thousand failing lines in my tests, I think I would be having bigger problems with my project - the Katalon UI being the least of them.