Add a method to re-run failed tests individually

I’ve requested this before…I just don’t understand why this feature is not a priority. This is not a difficut feature to code.

Requesting a feature to run failed tests manually from the test run panel… a right-cick context menu would work. If anything, at least give us something to traceback the tests into the explorer window.

For us to run a failed test, we would have to search thru our tests and find those specific failed tests and re-run them. This is counter-productive and takes away too much time.

The image below is the failed test window. From here, we have no way of running these tests individually or as a whole. I’d like to run these failed tests individually without having to search for each of these tests from the tests explorer window. This takes away too much of our time.

I’m not sure what you mean. This is what I do, click 1, 2, 3…



That’s 3-4 steps to get to that… but it does save me time.

At least for now, this is useful. I’d still like them to implement the requested feature. I thought they responded when I first requested it that they are considering it.

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