Test step failed on second run

Hello All,
I have below Scenario ,issue and query while performing regression testing using katalon studio.

Initially I create test script using record mode and all the steps performed on the web application page is recorded and script is created.
Once new released is out for the application , I re-run all the previous test cases as a part of regression testing

On Re-run, most of the recorded test cases failed on various test steps and the common error I always get is " object not found" ( this is not the exact error message text displayed but it means that object, katalon studio is looking on the page is not found)

So I may please know why every time most of the previously recorded test cases are failed on re-run. ( test cases are very flaky)
It might be possible that location of the objects changes every time with new release.
So I may I know what will be the solution for this issue so that I can avoid rework again because of the failed test cases ?

It is usual. Not surprising at all. When you got errors in WebRecorder-generated codes, no matter how much, you need to fix the errors one by one.

As for “object not found” errors, you should read this first.

Possibly you need to change your test case scripts more robust so that they wait for HTML elements to be present before manipulating them (click, set text, verify content text, etc).