Katalon not recognizing objects


I record steps on Katalon and run them a few times, suddenly a step that previously ran fails. Then use object spy to capture the object and the same thing happens. What could be the cause of this?

I think the likely cause is that one of your locators is changing.
The best locator is an ID, but if this is not possible, the next best thing is usually to create a relative x-path.
You can find some details about xpath’s here:

Another suggestion (beyond creating a relative XPath) is that you can also take advantage of Katalon Automation Recorder’s automatic gathering of selectors for any elements that you interact with when recording a script (open the drop-down menu listed alongside the target).

Sometimes these other selectors are more specific (e.g. they can include the XPath of the element), so are less prone to changing IDs or other attributes that may change.

You may need to experiment to see which ones keep working, but it is then likely that the same rule may also then work for other elements on the page too.