Test Reports Exceeding the Outlook limit - KS Version 7.1.1

Operating System Mac OS Catalina

Katalon Studio Version Latest version - 7.1.1

Environment (for Web testing) ALL

  • Browser and Browser version Chrome 78

Steps to reproduce

After the test suite execution the results are not being delivered to the email recipients, it shows as exceed the size limit. This was working fine on the previous releases and the reports are in the form on .zip file which may not exceeding 10MB but now with the latest version 7.1.1 the test results were showing as 41MB. Pls see the snapshot of the failed email notification. Kindly fix it. Thanks!

Screenshots / Videos

Hi @ismail.mee

Can you upload one of the report zip files that exceeds the 35mb limit.

I could not receive the report only first of all, how can i send it?? however you can see the report details on my local. See below screenshot.

Hi @ismail.mee

I see a lot of images within that folder, that may be why the size is so big. Do you use takeScreenShot regularly in your script ? We need to understand why so many images are generated and wether this is expected. If you indeed intended to have so many images, then probably nothing Katalon can do, since the size is restricted by Outlook.

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