Not receiving any mails when we configure email with html reports

Not receiving any mails when we selecting attachments with emails. without attachment email get triggering. but we configure emails with attachment its not sending mails after every suite execution. we have ran suite 10 times but received mail with attachment only one time . some discrepancy is there. Also test mails getting trigged successfully

Have you checked to see what your email size limit is and how big the html report actually is? I’ve had reports way bigger than my 25MB email limit so only option was to email or upload manually, or just limit the info in the report perhaps?

If you are a paying licesee, you can configure your Katalon project “Not to log executed test steps” as described at

The “step execution log” is so verbose that it makes reports big in the byte size. If you disable it, the reports will become light weighted to some extent.


Do you have page screenshot images attached to the report? Obviously the images makes the report heavy.

One option would be to stop taking screenshots on failure. See Capture Screenshots | Katalon Docs

Another option would be to “fix” the failures so that no screenshots are taken.