TestOps report file size limit

Does TestOps report file size have a upload limit? Currently test suite execution reports that are larger than 20 MB seem to not upload to katalon testops on prem and get stuck uploading in katalon studio preventing the test suite to complete.

Hi @SirTestalot,

Welcome to our Katalon Community. May I ask further information? Can you share with our your report file to reproduce internally? What current environment that you are using? (your KS version, OS, etc). Thank you.

This looks similar to the following post.

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Hi @vu.tran unfortunately I am unable to share the report due to being client report with sensitive data. KS version tried 8.4.0, 8.4.1, and 8.5.2 on Windows 10 64bit. Seems any report that contains a lot of screenshots and the report file is large such as 80MB though reports that are 20MB+/- will upload to on prem test ops with no issues while the large reports get stuck uploading and eventually do not upload at all. We have a support ticket out with Katalon to figure out why this is happening, but wanted to see if maybe someone in the community had encountered similar issue and found a solution other than reducing test suite size and creating multiple test suites with less test cases included.

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HTTP Server software may have a file upload size limit. For example the classical Apache server has a default limit of 2 megabytes.

I don’t know which type of HTTP Server is running as Test Ops. I would request the Test Ops team to check the size limit. 20MB seems to be the current limit which blocks @SirTestalot.

If 20MB is the upper limit and you can not change it, then you should clearly describe the limit in the official documentation.

I think that it is quite reasonable to limit the size of files to upload. 20MB looks large enough (or too large) for me.

If this is the case, HTTP Client (Katalon Studio, Runtime Engine) should check the file size and, if the file is too large, warn it before it starts a file transfer. It is bad that a HTTP Client starts transfering a large file and silently hangs.

To me TestOps service seems to be fragile; it allows users to generate a large report file with many screenshots attached without any size limit, but the remote TestOps server has a size limit so that it can not accept large files.


Thank you @kazurayam for sharing this with us. This brings more insights for our product development @anh.chu @duy.nguyen

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