Katalon Certification - Type of Automation Status not getting updated

I have completed web, api and mobile testing and also tried below solution of using different built in keywords -

However still the status for Types of automation category is not getting updated under Katalon Certifications checklist. Kindly help !!

Hi @furqanshaikh.ks. Welcome to our Community and thank you for your interest in our Certification Program.

You will need to use the specific WebUI, Web Service, and Mobile keywords in the Keyword Browser and run the tests that contain them. Can you try and see if it works?

After you try that, please note that the data update is not real time. Please wait for a couple of days.

hi @viet.nguyen , as I mentioned above in my query I have already gone through the solution mentioned in Test Ops cloud and cloud tunnel execution Data not updated in cirtification progress - Product Forums / Katalon Certification - Katalon Community and used built in keywords still I am facing this issue.

I have executed below test case using test suite on 23rd May :

Hello, I’m seeing that you’re only using the WebUI keywords. Try to use other keywords for Mobile and WebService in the folders below :point_down:

They should look like this:

hi @viet.nguyen , does that mean in one test case I need to use all 3 types of keywords?

I think it’s fine in either case: using 3 types of keywords in just one or in separate test cases.

ok , I’ll try and let you know

Oh, don’t forget to run those test cases containing the keywords and it takes like 2 days to reflect your data. Looking forward to your achievement. :raised_hands:

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Actually, for certification, the cases you created in the Katalon Studio will not be accountable.
please try creating a project in Katalon testOps with a GIT Repository by selecting mobile/web/api/Desktop.

ok @bharathi.a , will try that as well, thanks.

@viet.nguyen , my apologies, I forgot to mention I had already executed 1 web service test suite as well earlier, so by going with these 2 screenshots, checkpoints for Professional level certificate should have been completed by now, right?

Good day @furqanshaikh.ks, I saw that you have successfully achieved all 3 certifications. Congratulations! Can you please mark the solution for this thread? What did you do to solve your initial question?

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