Test Explorer went black out

macOS Monterey v12.0.1
Katalon Studio v8.2.0

  1. I created a new Katalon project
  2. opened it
  3. In the Test Explorer, I clicked the “Test Cases” node
  4. then a large black square come up
  5. I closed the project, and re-opened it. then it looked normal.
  6. not necessarily reproducible; rarely occurs but sometimes does

Possibly a problem in the Eclipse platform of certain version?

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If I remember it right, eclipse was upgraded with version 7.9.x.
see: https://docs.katalon.com/katalon-studio/new/version-70.html#new-features
So you can try with 7.7.1 and higher versions to see if the issue is from eclipse or something else.

I know it. KS 7.9.0 upgraded Eclipse in order to fix a lot more problems due to Eclipse platform. As far as I am aware, KS 8.2.x has another problem due to Eclipse,

but no more. Much better than v7.8.x.

so, we may have to bisect here.
unfortunately i don’t own any mac machine, so the hard part is on you.
try all versions between 7.7.1 and current and see where you can reproduce it.
side note, it may came unotticed for you in the past, due to the mac os version you was using at certain moment in time, so this will add another level of complexity.
i can feel your pain!

see also my bug report, re-opened (you know which one) regarding katalon linux gui.
the eclipse engine upgrade fixed lot of stuff.
but at the same time, introduced new ones, which i didnt notice until i switched to a general dark theme.

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