Blank "Test Explorer" pane

I am trying to open an existing Project but nothing displayed in “Test Explorer” pane.
Please help


Hi @himanisaxena19,

Please share the error log file

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.log (901.0 KB)

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Please Close Katalon and Open again
Your issue will be resolved

I tried, still same issue

Can you try this to change themes from Dark to light

Same issue

.log1.txt (364.0 KB)

Now I am getting another issue in the latest log file

working fine at my end when i change my themes from light to dark, for some time showing as you mentioned in the screenshot but when i restarted my KS then all things are showing under Tests Explorer.

Now do below thing, 1) Logout from KS and Login again
2) Map your Project again.
3) also refresh project from Project
4) Check all explorer option as attached in the screenshot

I tried all the steps still same issue

I am getting this message while closing katalon

Hi @himanisaxena19 ,

Does this happen with all projects or just one project?

@himanisaxena19 - If issue is not resolved then Please Save your current project and download Latest version of KS and placed some other place , and open existing project :smiley:

With all projects

I already tried this but no luck

@himanisaxena19 ,

Try download new Katalon Studio,
Open a new blank project,
And share with us the log file and Event Log

If the issue still happens, I think there is one plugin that causes this

@himanisaxena19 - Please can you share project.prj file and also file structure of your project

.log (499.6 KB)

hi @himanisaxena19 ,
Do you by chance use any proxy or have a system proxy config in your Windows or proxy in Internet Explorer?