Test execution is slow in real time

I am having some recent difficulty with the speed of test execution. According to the analytics the test suite execution is completing in less than 5 minutes (duration 4m 43s):

However, as you can see according to the snapshot the real time was approximately 2 hours (I opened the analytics page shortly after Katalon Job Progress showed completion). During the 2 hour time frame I observed the tests running the entire time. What could be causing the slower operation and the discrepancy in time?
For some background, I recently moved the files for my test suite into its own folder, the path previously was Test Suites > N???.com test suite collection. Now the path is Test Suites > N???_com folder > N???.com test suite collection. Could this change in folder path be slowing down the test? how would I check or verify?

Looks similar to

Try this:Test Suite Execution Taking Too long (was Katalon became useless)

Thank you, this did resolve the issue.
Are you aware in the KA integration is being looked at?

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