Test data from external data source like Excel or SQL server

Hi All

Looking for any simple code snippet to read the data from an external data source like excel and post to API endpoint.

Basically, we need to create 1000’s resource by calling API endpoint. We are automating the data creating a task for volume testing.

Any code reference help.

Hello Rams,
there is extensive library of examples already written, all you need is to try it:
for data driven testing and how to get data from DB/excel, check this tutorial:

for API specific topics this tutorial is what you are searching for:
spacially last part, manual creation of API request
if you run into any problem, just ask with specific informations an detailed description of your problem.

These pointers will help me to get started. Thanks Andrej.

Hi Rams,

If you want it to be hardcoded then this might help you as well:

Hope that helps… :slight_smile: