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Does it support Windows server versions?

Yes. But I would strongly advise against testing client software (e.g. a browser) on a server operating system.

Thanks Russ. But our organization wants to keep all test executions on server machine which runs on windows server 2012 / 2016.
Could you please let me know the implications of running on server machine, as it effects the selection of Katalon as automation tool?


It is not about Katalon per se. Executing client software in a server environment is rarely a good idea, period. Servers are optimized to execute “background” tasks (e.g. databases, etc.) and do not give priority to code executing on the desktop itself. And why would they? Many servers have no single/dedicated desktop beyond RD et al.

From a browser perspective, you can expect asynchronous tasks to be de-prioritized (think ajax, webservices and other kinds of server requests). That counts for (at a guess) 90% of all reasonably sized browser based apps today.

You can of course reconfigure a server to better support desktop apps but then why spend the money on a server OS?

Got it. Many Thanks for info.

Hello, I know this was from a long time ago, but I was curious how your efforts with using Katalon Studio with Windows Server 2012 / 2016 worked out?

Katalon Studio and Katalon Runtime Engine totally work with Windows Server 2012 / 2016.

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Is Windows Server 2019 also supported by KRE ?


Yes, but do see my post above: