Setting up VM - windows 2019 server - Katalon 7 compatibility related query

Hi all,

We are setting up a VM - windows 2019 server and have our latest Katalon studio release 7 (licensed/non licensed version) run remotely on that. would like to know if there will be any compatibility related challenges related to that? or which windows server setup is the most stable and compatible for Katalon latest and Kobiton latest releases.

Is there anything else needs to be considered while setting up the VM for remote execution/cloud execution purpose?

Thank you in advance.


I don’t know.

That said, I never test browser pages in browsers running on servers. Users don’t use servers. Servers are typically NOT setup to favor clientside software (they’re setup to run background applications like webservers, databases, etc.) You might want to reconfigure the server to favor client apps.

If you get weird timing issues from webpages designed to operate using asynchronous javascript (XHR etc) it will be because it’s a server, not a desktop.

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Thank you @Russ_Thomas for the quick response.

I just came across this post in here.

Looks like it’s similar what we are trying to achieve and they are happy with 2016 server. We are looking to set up the vm box for 2019. I am hoping it should be alright.
Thank you again.

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