Switch Workspace

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Eclipse has ‘Switch Workspace’ on the File menu. Does Katalon Studio support multiple workspaces? When I start Katalon Studio, I want to see it the way it was the last time I used Katalon Studio. If someone else used this instance of Katalon Studio since I last used it, I see it the way he left it. To prevent this inconvenience, he and I need separate workspaces.

I don’t think Katalon has such feature.
However, there is a ‘Reset perspective’ option under ‘Windows’ menu, not sure if it helps.

‘Reset Perspective’ is different.

‘Switch Workspace’ would imply that there are multiple workspaces. If there were, each user could have his own workspace. Also, if there were multiple workspaces, Katalon Studio could, on launch, ask the user which workspace to use.

Hi @alan.feldstein,

We’ve came up with a workaround: Using 2 individual instances of KS on the machine, which occupies 1 license only and it will keep the state of test explorer, opened tabs unchanged.

Please try it out and give us your feedback.

Nam Nguyen.