Switch to Window Command not consistently working (v. 5.6.0 Build 1)

After upgrading to the latest version of Katalon Studio, I noticed that previous scripts were running into an error in the Switch to Window command.

Specifically, I have a test that opens multiple browser tabs from a list of links in one tab, where I have to switch to the links tab after clicking each one of the links. Previously, I was able to do this with a simple “Switch to Window Title” command (title = “Welcome to HCQIS CAADS”), which occurred multiple times throughout the script.

Now Katalon keeps telling me that it can’t find the window, and times out. However, it doesn’t always do this on the first occurence of this command, but often on the third. It’s the exact same command (I copy-pasted to be sure). I’m not able to pin down the error with any consistency. Is this something anyone else is facing?

I had a similar issue using Chrome. When I ran in Firefox, it worked fine. Did you test in another browser to see what happens? I’ve been having random Chrome issues with things that worked not working. Switching Windows was a recent one.

Unfortunately, the webapps I’m testing are built specifically for Chrome.